Pizelle Cake, so full of YUM!

'Pizelle Cake' set of 26 x 6" on cradled Aquabord I couldn't decide which version to paint, so I did them both.I have about 8 photo references of their amazingly delicious mini cakes to paint from - Can't wait to do more! If you have never tasted the confections of Pizelle's down at Lowe Mill, … Continue reading Pizelle Cake, so full of YUM!

Painting a day, starting NOW!

Pollen Collector Series paintings 1 - 5. Watercolor on Canson 140 lb watercolor paper.Each are 8 x 10". I love painting bees!! Well, for those who know me, I love painting anything that is living and breathing. This does it for the Pollen Collector series. I hope you enjoy! I will most likely put these … Continue reading Painting a day, starting NOW!