The addiction is real, people.

My name is Jen (‘hi Jen’).

I am a watercoloraholic.

I will admit, I need to paint almost every day else I will not feel complete. I also need to have a few strong cups of coffee as well (or I don’t feel human!). I am a licensed artist and graphic designer. I am a one woman show. I hoard Daniel Smith watercolors and Ampersand Aquabord. Oh yeah, Black Gold paint brushes. Never ever can have too many. (did I tell you I also love coffee? Oh yeah… I did.) Everything you will see on these pages was painted, designed, built and created by me. Feel free to comment as I always love to hear from fellow artisans and folks who collect art. If you are interested in licensing my work, please see my website for that info. Help me feed my addiction. Gimme stuff to do. Cool stuff.

‘Pinto’  Watercolor on Canson paper

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