From Painting to Tea Towel.

One of my favorite things to do is product mockup and product DESIGN! I make things that I, myself, would buy and have in my home. Thus, today, I have created a new set of dish towels (or tea towel) that reflects my design mood as of late. Mixing the old with the new. So, … Continue reading From Painting to Tea Towel.

A WIP Watercolor Painting of a Peeking Cow

I love checking out other artists WIP's. It gives you a glimpse into their personal styles of painting and technique. Very inspirational! This one below is created by using Canson 140 lb watercolor paper and my DS paints. Very vibrant and colorful cow. Just one of the many things I love to paint! If you … Continue reading A WIP Watercolor Painting of a Peeking Cow

Pizelle Cake, so full of YUM!

'Pizelle Cake' set of 26 x 6" on cradled Aquabord I couldn't decide which version to paint, so I did them both.I have about 8 photo references of their amazingly delicious mini cakes to paint from - Can't wait to do more! If you have never tasted the confections of Pizelle's down at Lowe Mill, … Continue reading Pizelle Cake, so full of YUM!

New Store by Moi.

Check it out! My brand spanking new shop, Redstreake Creative Living, is open for biz and it is loaded with my watercolor art on some pretty cool products! I have ordered samples of each type and the quality is AWESOME!! More sweet things will be added and I will let you all know when I … Continue reading New Store by Moi.

Wildlife families :-)

My series of mommas and their babies is finished! Check out the paintings below. I had entirely too much fun doing these and I want to keep every single one! All are done on Canson watercolor paper and are roughly 8 x 10" each. I use my favorite paints, Daniel Smith Watercolors, and my ultimate … Continue reading Wildlife families 🙂

Painting a day, starting NOW!

Pollen Collector Series paintings 1 - 5. Watercolor on Canson 140 lb watercolor paper.Each are 8 x 10". I love painting bees!! Well, for those who know me, I love painting anything that is living and breathing. This does it for the Pollen Collector series. I hope you enjoy! I will most likely put these … Continue reading Painting a day, starting NOW!